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by Mathias 8. October 2010 12:50


I am very honored to announce that I have become a Microsoft MVP for VSTO, Visual Studio Tools for Office. I learnt the news last week, and I am still super excited. I also feel somewhat intimidated, with a new sense of responsibility towards the community. Thank you Microsoft, and thank you to the Community - I’ll try my best to keep it up, to do my part to keep the .NET community at large a lively one, and to share my experience with VSTO and the fun of .NET + Office with you guys!

In other news, I apologize for the blog slowdown lately. In addition to being super-busy with a project (VSTO), I have had some problems with blog hosting, which have prevented me from writing new material. Things seem to be back on track now, I am sorry if you experienced some 404 inconvenience!


10/8/2010 7:31:30 PM #

Gert-Jan van der Kamp

Congrats, well earned! (You've been valuable to me anyway!)


Gert-Jan van der Kamp Netherlands | Reply

10/10/2010 1:24:07 PM #


Thanks for the kind words, Gert-Jan, and very happy to hear that some of my stuff has been helpful!

Mathias United States | Reply

10/11/2010 1:43:44 AM #


Congrats! Thanks again for the talks at CC this weekend.

sgMarshall United States | Reply

2/18/2011 4:23:55 PM #

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