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by Mathias 21. May 2013 12:55

Last week, we had our first Coding Dojo at, the San Francisco F# group – and it was great! A few people in the group had mentioned that at that point they were already convinced F# was a great language, and that what they wanted was help getting started writing actual code, so I figured this would be a good format to try out.

What I wanted was something fun, something cool people could realistically achieve under 2 hours. I settled for one of the Kaggle introduction problems, a classic of Machine Learning, where the goal is to automatically recognize hand-written digits. I didn’t think it would be fair to just throw people in the shark tank without any guidance, especially for F# beginners, so I prepared a minimal slide deck to explain the problem and data set, and a “guided script”, with hints and language syntax examples.

And… it worked! The attendees were absolutely awesome. We had people from Kaggle, Rdio, and two people who drove all the way from Sacramento; we had beginners and experienced FSharpers – and everybody managed to get a classifier working, from scratch. Having some beers available definitely helped, too.


My favorite part is this one attendee, a F# beginner, who kept going at it after the meeting was over, and posted an algorithm improvement in the comments section of the Meetup a couple days after. Way to go! And given the positive response, we’ll definitely have more of these.

Also wanted to say a huge thanks to Matt Harrington, first for starting this user group back then, and then for still being an incredible supporter of the F# community in SF, in spite of a crazy work schedule. Thanks, Matt!

Introduction slide deck

“Guided script”


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