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by Mathias 13. July 2010 14:45

Found on Epic Win FTW – The Sparklines of Excel 2010 are cool, but this is an Epic Win indeed. Pretty amazing, and another shining example of how Excel is used for lots of purposes, some of them probably never considered by Microsoft :)


by Mathias 4. January 2010 18:52

Nothing says “we really value your work here” like a well-located, pleasant workspace. Next time you complain about your cube, remember – it can always be worse.



by Mathias 14. July 2009 06:58

While shopping at PetCo the other day, I saw this scene, and couldn’t get enough of it. It’s a great illustration of what happens when teamwork goes wrong. If I saw this in real life, I would feel sorry for the team, but the mice don’t seem to be suffering (besides some confusion), so sit back and enjoy the show, guilt-free.

by Mathias 28. April 2009 16:23

You know times are changing when such a venerable institution as the Victorinox Swiss Army Knife publishes an ad asking:

"how impressed would you be to see a Swiss Army Knife running a PowerPoint presentation?"

(Picture from Engadget)

by Mathias 7. September 2008 10:27

Yes/No/Cancel choices are a classic in creating surprisingly confusing user interfaces out of a very simple problem, but this one takes the cake, and proves that people will find ways to create confusion even in the most unlikely situation:

fail owned pwned pictures
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