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by Mathias 27. April 2010 07:27

First, my sincere apologies if you have been experiencing some strange behavior when trying to comment on this blog in the past few days – like maybe an unfriendly pop-up message talking some nonsense about a callback error while processing the comment.

You may have noticed that below the form for the comment, there is now a beautiful, brand new and shiny ReCaptcha control, which is included out of the box with release 1.6.1 of Blogengine.Net. Thanks to Filip Stanek for contributing his ReCaptcha extension to the project, and to the awesome development team for including this out-of-the-box. Until now, spam handling has been a major weakness of BlogEngine.Net, and was turning into a serious annoyance for me. Since the upgrade, the spammers’ evil plans have run into a wall, and it suddenly feels very lonely in here, without all the kind words of encouragement:

Intimately, the post is in reality the freshest on this valuable topic. I harmonise with your conclusions and will thirstily look forward to your future updates. Just saying thanks will not just be sufficient, for the exceptional clarity in your writing.

Special thanks (Grazie mille!) to Andrea Dottor who came to the rescue with a fix for the error message mentioned above.

by Mathias 21. March 2010 15:22

Finally performed the upgrade to BlogEngine 1.6.0. I apologize to my readers who may have experienced outages – the process wasn’t quite as smooth as for the previous versions, in part due to the documentation, which was less thorough than usual. Thanks to David Wynne for his step-by-step walkthrough which came in very handy. I would also have appreciated if somewhere, it was mentioned that the database schema had been slightly modified…

by Mathias 3. January 2010 07:56

We software engineers like to overbuild at times. I have seen some traffic increase on this blog, sure, but nothing that the current xml backend can’t handle. On the other hand, hey, in case I see a 100-fold increase in the near future, then I’ll be happier if I have something more robust already in place, so I just followed Al Nyveldt’s tutorial and swapped to a MS SQL back-end – it went smoothly overall, but I apologize if any of you experienced some glitchy stuff!


Sure, a small wooden box would do the job, but just in case, shouldn’t we build a more scalable solution? (image from CIA – The World Factbook)

by Mathias 31. July 2009 18:00

I have been slammed with work lately, and couldn’t find the time to do this, even though I have wanted to for a while. Well, it’s done – this blog now runs on BlogEngine.Net! One of the reasons I wanted to give it a try is the multiple-widget zone feature, which is unfortunately not yet in the 1.5 “official” release, so I went the adventurous route, and here we are! I still need to do some minor polishing on the styling in the next few days, but so far, everything looks like it’s running smoothly.

by Mathias 4. April 2009 13:56

If you are using Blogengine.Net, and struggle to moderate comments, you should check out Commentor, an extension by The lack of comment moderation tools in the Blogengine admin section is one of its weaknesses, especially when you compare it to WordPress. Commentor addresses that problem, by providing one page where you can manage all the comments, including the new comments awaiting approval. Thank you, great job!


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