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by Mathias 20. September 2009 07:10

I was recently inspired by an article in OR/MS mag to write 2 posts on using Excel data tables to resolve optimization problems. As it turns out, these puzzles are not only published in the magazine: they also have their online home at So if you like optimization and math problems in general, and like puzzles, check it out!

by Mathias 7. July 2008 18:19
Just thought I would point out this page at Acaso Analytics, where Billy Boyle used my previous post on how to use a simple S-shaped curve to model the introduction of a new product on a market, and created a very cool interactive dashboard which illustrates how the curve looks like, and what happens to it when the parameters change. I am a big fan of quantitative models, and enjoyed his other posts as well, which are an eclectic collection of "illustrated" famous quantitative models. Nothing tells the story behind a mathematical model better than a good chart, or, better, an interactive one!


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