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by Mathias 31. July 2009 18:00

I have been slammed with work lately, and couldn’t find the time to do this, even though I have wanted to for a while. Well, it’s done – this blog now runs on BlogEngine.Net! One of the reasons I wanted to give it a try is the multiple-widget zone feature, which is unfortunately not yet in the 1.5 “official” release, so I went the adventurous route, and here we are! I still need to do some minor polishing on the styling in the next few days, but so far, everything looks like it’s running smoothly.

by Mathias 2. December 2008 09:26

I have been a bit frustrated by the sometimes erratic behavior of the code formatter that ships with Blogengine.Net. It works well for C# code, but I still couldn't figure out why it totally garbled my attempt at VB code. So I was happy to see a post from a credible source titled "Best Code Syntax Highlighter for Snippets in your Blog". Turns out, after looking at the comments, I am not convinced yet I have found the Holy Grail of code formatting, but on the other hand, it triggered me to try out Windows Live Writer; and indeed, Hanselman has a point - why haven't I used it before? It's just so much more comfortable!

by Mathias 25. November 2008 22:10
I have been postponing this for a while, but finally did it: I upgraded from BlogEngine 1.3 to 1.4.5. The process was almost perfectly smooth, and whatever the bumps were entirely my own fault: I modified a file as required, but somehow forgot to upload it after that. It's all sorted out and working now, and I couldn't spot any obvious formatting issue so far, so... w00t!
by Mathias 27. June 2008 08:09
Just added the social bookmarking extension written by Danny Douglas. Pretty smooth installation, and the icons do look nice, I like it so far. On the downside, I was hoping to find a "real" ShareThis (or equivalent) BlogEngine.Net extension. With the proliferation of various social bookmarking sites, blogs tend to get the Nascar look, with gazillions of buttons, widgets and whatnot - and ShareThis resolves that problem neatly, by replacing all these in one single button, which doesn't clutter your blog. Ah well, I guess if I want it hard enough, I should just go and write it!
by Mathias 15. April 2008 13:19

If you have experienced any weirdness with this blog over the past few days, I apologize - and will have to ask you to please bear with me for a little more: I have just spent part of the week-end switching from DasBlog to BlogEngine.Net. The brunt of it is done now (I reached the mythical "it's 80% finished" point), but I still have to complete porting my old posts and review their formatting.



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