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by Mathias 31. January 2010 08:04

I have grown a bit frustrated by the difficulty to gather information about local .Net development community events. Of all people, I am one of the best-positioned to hear about these events, because of my involvement with the San Francisco .Net user group, and yet, I routinely discover that I missed an event, because there is no clear place to go to get that information and I never heard about it.

So here we go – ladies and gentlemen, introducing NorCalWeekly.Net, your weekly serving of .Net events in north California! My goal will be to provide in one place, on a weekly basis, announcements for all upcoming .Net events in the area – so if you know of anything relevant taking place, please let me know! The design and features are somewhat minimalist for the moment, I’ll improve it over time.

by Mathias 7. September 2009 13:14

It’s that time of the year again: Silicon Valley Code Camp is coming up on October 3rd and 4th, at Foothill College. If you live in the Bay Area and like to talk code, this is an event you don’t want to miss. The previous editions rocked, and this year looks like it’s going to rock even harder, with well over 100 sessions and close to 1,000 registered! Oh, and did I mention it’s free?

This year again, I will give an introduction to Test-Driven Development for .NET developers. It’s a topic which is dear to my heart; in his book on TDD, Kent Beck says that it “is a way of managing fear during programming”, and I have to say that my life as a developer got significantly more peaceful after reading it. I can’t guarantee that you will feel the same, but I’ll do my best to share the goods!

The session is targeted for beginners. My goal is to get you quick-started so that you are ready to use it when you leave the room. I will write some code live, to show the methodology in action, using only tools you can get for free. This year, I think I will focus mostly on NUnit and keep it to a minimum on the tools provided in Visual Studio, unless there is strong popular demand; hopefully this will give me enough time to squeeze in a few minutes on mocks. I also just ordered Roy Osherove’s “The Art of Unit Testing”, which looks very promising, and may push me to modify my plan a bit.

I hope to see you there – and if you have questions or suggestions, let me know in the comments section!

by Mathias 24. June 2009 12:43

Since the longest time, I have been a member of Bay.Net, the San Francisco Bay Area .NET user group. It’s one of the largest user groups in the country (north of 4,000 members), very active, with four chapters in the Bay – and first and foremost, it’s a fantastic way to keep up with what is going on in the ever-changing .NET world, and meet fellow developers and fun people.

I initially came to attend the meetings, started to get more involved and volunteering in organizing events (if you are interested in volunteering, drop me a line!) – and I was very honored to be offered to co-chair the San Francisco chapter. The current chair, Kim Greenlee, has been doing an amazing job at lining up great speaker after another, and making the meetings fun to attend, but she wants to dedicate her energy to another Bay.Net related project, and can’t be full-time chair anymore, so… the pressure is on – I’ll do my best to keep it up!

by Mathias 14. May 2009 01:10

Update: here is the event page.

Microsoft is hosting a Windows Live Messenger Hackathon on the 27th May 2009 at Microsoft's offices on 835 Market St in San Francisco. The event starts at 5:30, there will be a discussion on social media, how to use the Windows Live API in your website, a coding contest, prizes, free beer and pizza… Sounds like fun!

by Mathias 5. April 2009 16:53

The Legendary Juval Lowy will conduct a free half-day seminar introducing the EnergyNet. The EnergyNet is a massive new software system analogous to the Internet, transferring watts and usage data instead of packets and request, connecting anything and everything in the energy market. He will demonstrate why software developers should care and how they can become engaged in this exciting new field, and point out the skills and expertise required for those that want to not only survive but thrive on the next boom in software.

This should be a great event. Juval is an amazing speaker, and I haven’t heard him being so fired up about something since a while!

More information here.

Where and when

Microsoft San Francisco
835 Market Street, Suite 700
San Francisco, CA 94103

Tuesday, Apr. 21, 2009
9:00 AM  - 1:00 PM


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