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by Mathias 18. December 2011 14:59

I spent some time this week putting together an example illustrating how to use Bumblebee from C# code. I figured it would be more exciting to have a graphical representation of the bee colony working on the traveling salesman problem, so I put together a small WPF application which creates a random set of cities, and displays the improvements live as they are found by the algorithm.

Here is a screen capture of the first 10 seconds of a 100-cities problem:

Bumblebee working on 100 cities

The source code for the example is available in the current head revision, under the TspDemo.CSharp project; I’ll push an “official” downloadable version as soon as I have time for some cleanup. Note that, besides a reference to Bumblebee, a reference to FSharp.Core 4.0 is required – the rest is all pure C#.



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