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by Mathias 22. February 2009 16:39

The M-V-VM seminar of last month inspired me to finally get serious about WPF. The best way to learn a technology is to write some code with it, so I have begun working on a project of my own, which I hope to complete by end-March (in spite of being working full bore on a project for a client).

So far, working with Model-View-ViewModel and WPF has proven easier than what I expected. Once you get the logic, things flow pretty naturally. One of my recent stumbling blocks was binding with a collection. Now that I got it to work, it seems trivial, but maybe this will help some other WPF beginner on the path to enlightenment!

Imagine that your model contains a list of persons, and that you want to display two things:

1) the list of persons,
2) detailed information about the selected person


by Mathias 8. February 2009 18:28

I came across this dialog between Joel Spolsky and Jeff Atwood a few days ago, where Joel rails against the SOLID principles. The origin of his ire is a Hanselminutes Podcast with Uncle Bob, to which he reacted with this comment:

People that say things like this have just never written a heck of a lot of code. Because what they're doing is spending an enormous amount of time writing a lot of extra code, a lot of verbiage, a lot of files, and a million little classes that don't do anything and thousands of little interface classes and a lot of robustness to make each of these classes individually armed to go out into the world alone and do things, and you're not going to need it. You're spending a lot of time in advance writing code that is just not going to be relevant, it's not going to be important. It could, theoretically, protect you against things, but, how about waiting until those things happen before you protect yourself against them?


by Mathias 3. February 2009 18:16

We had a full house at the Bay.Net education day this Saturday in Cupertino - 150 attendees, with people coming from as far as Utah, Wisconsin and Mexico. Karl Shifflett and Jaime Rodriguez gave a talk on building Line of Business applications with WPF using Model-View-View Model. Judging by the survey, this was a success! Logistics were a bit stressful, as this was the first time we organized a lab on such a scale, but things went rather smoothly. Thanks to HP for providing a great venue, and especially to Mamoun for making this possible!



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