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by Mathias 25. February 2008 22:55
SD West 2008 is taking place next week in Santa Clara; this year I got a VIP pass, which means that the only limit on what sessions I can attend will be my stamina, and the unfortunate fact that the ubiquity machine has not been invented yet. I have signed up for two days of IDesign-Fest to begin with, with Michèle Bustamante on Monday, and Juval Löwy on Tuesday, for, you guessed it, some WCF and services, but I haven't made up my mind yet between the multitude of classes during the last 3 days... I am looking forward to it, in spite of the long drive, and I would not have said it better myself: I am ready to be "refreshed and pumped up"!
by Mathias 6. February 2008 17:58

In the recent barrage of Valentine's Day annoying spam great promotional offers, this one really caught my eye. Valentine has turned into this giant marketing machine, and this email is as exploitative as it gets; and yet, I found it stangely touching.


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